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Manhattan Dog Walking Testimonials

The K-9 Club Nyc Testimonials Of Our Manhattan Dog Walking Clients

July 28, 2015

Hi Cliff, Just wanted to drop you a quick note. Today plumbers were working in my apartment before your walker arrived, and Winston sat complacently on the couch watching them for five minutes. As soon as he heard his walker coming up the building stairs he got visibly excited, and ran to the door. Just a note to say that while he seems happy every time she comes (rolling over immediately when she comes in), it was very sweet to see that he really looks forward to his walks with her. Thank you for such a great team.
Kristen D.

July 13, 2015

Sadly this is Lexie’s last week with your team. It has been such a wonderful experience with your company for the past 8 years! Thank you for taking care of my 1st baby. Posting on Facebook for my NYC friends. Will include a link to your website.
Ellen G.

Jan 15, 2011

My parents and my husband and I have used the K-9 club since 1997. That's 14 years. We have had Cliff and his team care for 5 of our dogs over the years. I cannot recommend the K-9 club any higher. I recommend them without any reservation. Please read on for more details, if you are inclined.

They are always on-time, professional, and accommodating. We have had to change points of pick-up day of (when we are doggy-sitting for one another), asked for boarding even the day before a last minute trip, and requested late night walks when our work schedule changed at the last minute. Cliff always, and I mean always, makes it happen. The dogs are walked by the same team every day, who care for the dogs like they were their own. Many of them are dog owners themselves, so when the dogs are boarded with a walker, they have friends to play with.

One of my dogs had aggression issues before he was neutered and Cliff and his walkers really helped us work with him. When one of our dogs passed away, our walker visited us the day before he was put down, sent us a card of condolence and Cliff was very supportive.

Cliff is a profound wealth of tips and advice for dog behavior adjustments, diet and, well pretty much anything to do with dogs. My dogs have always been excited when the walkers keys go in the lock and they know they are headed out with the pack.

Wendy L.

February 11, 2009

Hi Cliff,

Attached is Daisy's authorization form. We have noticed such a difference in her socialization since she started pack walking! We're so happy to have heard about your services and have definitely referred you.

Thank you!

June 16, 2008

Hi Cliff,

So far everything is working out great with Rafael. He is doing a very nice job and we are coming home every day to a very happy puppy.


October 18, 2008

So Cliff,

After almost three years of walks with your walkers Molly and I are leaving NYC and heading to northern New Jersey (Molly's getting a yard!). I want to thank you for everything you have done over that period of time for me and for Molly. Molly looks forward to her walks every day and races to the door when she hears her walker outside. I know that she will miss the opportunity to see all of her friends (both walkers and dogs) every weekday. Thanks to your fantastic company and your employees it has been possible for me to have a big dog in the city! I cannot remember a single time over the years when I expected Molly to get a walk and one of your walkers didn't show up – 100% reliability!!

Again, I can't thank you enough for everything that you and your walkers have done over the years. I wish you the best and would be more than happy to be contacted by prospective customers if you ever need a referral. I will certainly keep your number close by in case Molly and I ever find ourselves back in the city

Thank you again.


December 25, 2006

Dear Cliff,

Hope this email finds you, your family & the K9 crew enjoying the holiday season. I wanted to let you know Maya will not require your services the week of Dec 25th. She looks forward to resuming her regularly scheduled walk on Jan 2nd. She really enjoys her walks and if you need a reference please feel free to use me. Thank you for taking such good care of her during the day. Take care and Happy Holidays!

My best,

July 23, 2002

Dear Cliff:

After so many years, I am sad to say goodbye for Mousse. It's been 6 years since she first joined her buddies at the K-9 Club for her daily walk. And what a pleasure it has been, for both of us. For her, who truly enjoyed the camaraderie and exercise, and for me, who benefited from having a healthy puppy waiting for me at home at day's end, perfectly tired and not getting into trouble or chewing furniture.

With the arrival of our second human baby we decided to move out of Manhattan. Mousse will now become a suburban dog, with her own backyard. Not that I think she ever missed having one – she's a real city girl. This coming Wednesday July 24 will be Mousses last walk.

Please extend my gratitude to your staff who has cared so well for Mousse all these years.


July 16, 2015

Good morning! Could I have Sadie walked today? I am also moving to Boston tomorrow so the walker can leave the apt. key on the table and take the leash. Thank you so much for taking care of Sadie the past few months. I really appreciate it. This is by far the best dog walking service I have encountered in NYC.

Thank you,
Erin L.

May 25, 2011

Hi Cliff,

Here is the Authorization Form for Buddha.

Buddha loves the walks. He now waits at the door about 20 minutes before your arrival, and gets so excited that some times it is hard to put on his leash!

September 28, 2010

My neighbor recommended K-9 Club to me, and I've been so happy with them. My dog has adolescent energy, and came from a shelter where he didn't interact with many other dogs. Cliff and his team safely helped determine if my dog was ready for pack walks (he was), and the rest is history. My dog is relaxed when I get home, and is even picking up some tips and tricks from his fellow pack mates (i.e., how to lift a leg, haha!).

K-9 Club are true dog people, and I trust them 100% with my pup (and I don't hand out trust when it comes to my dog!). Dogs are built to migrate for hours a day, and this amazing service allows them to tap into that primal drive, socialize, and exercise their body and mind.

Renee D.

April 28, 2009

So Cliff,

I am very sad to say that this Wednesday will be our last day with K9 club, unless you guys work in Old Greenwich Connecticut! we are moving there this week. It has been truly a pleasure working with all your guys, Guilherme, Maurizio and now Douglas and Calvin. They have been fantastic. Thank you so much and if we move back of course you will hear from us, in the meanwhile I tell everyone about your service!

Take care and thank you again,
Brett, Josh and Froigy

May 22, 2008

Hi Cliff,

I've been meaning to let you know that we are moving. We are headed to Maine at the end of June – finally giving Toomey the yard she has always wanted. Our last day in NY, and with your service, will be Friday June 27th.

We have loved your service, Cliff, and we will miss it very much. Your guys have always been very warm and very good to our old pooch. Please know if you ever need a reference, we are happy to give one. We'll have all the same contact info.


March 28, 2008

Hi Cliff,

Tonight is the last night, we need to have the dog walker walk Jasper. We love our dog walker and will always give him a reference. However, we are now in a position to walk Jasper ourselves at night. Please do have him come one last time tonight though so we can say goodbye.


February 21, 2008


Here is the form you requested. Let me know if you need anything else. We are very pleased with the walkers you have provided for us. They are both GREAT with the dogs and my daughter likes them too(she is 3 and gets excited every time they come to walk the dogs). I will be happy to be a reference whenever you need one. I cannot speak more highly of the service we have received so far.


October 5, 2007

Hello Cliff,

We will be moving to Westchester this month, so unfortunately next week will be Berit's last week of dog walks. We would like to have a full week of walks next week, with Friday 10/12 being the last day.

Berit loves her walks and is very sad to have them end. Please keep our number as we are happy to be a reference for your terrific service.

Thank you,

September 9, 2002

Dear Cliff:

It's hard to believe that Teddy will be walking with "the" group for ten years come February 2003. I know that she was the first small (in stature only) dog to walk with you. Of course she didn't think that she was smaller than the rest of the group. The walks bring her such joy. She waits by the door each day to be picked up and loudly announces that her "friend" is coming to pick her up.

I am so glad that you were willing to give her a chance. She was a very hyper loving puppy who needed to burn off excess energy each day. Over the years, her enthusiasm has not lessened. Obviously it has been a smashing success as now she has a whole group of small dogs to walk with. Surely her good figure and health can be attributed to these daily walks.

Thank you for having such lovely and dedicated walkers. Teddy and I appreciate all they do.

Best regards,