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2 Hour 3-5 Mile GPS Tracked
Group Dog Walks in Manhattan


Dog Walking Services in Manhattan

Midday 2-hour group dog walking in New York, NY

The K-9 Club NYC has a straightforward philosophy. Giving dogs their desires is one of the dog walking services in Manhattan that we offer. And all they want to do is be around other dogs! Dogs are social animals who enjoy socializing with one another. In addition to group dog walking, our entertaining 2-hour group dog walks provide plenty of walking for exercise and plenty of canine companionship for your dog to play with.

Of course, being out for 2 hours will give your dog plenty of time to do its business. And believe us, he/she will! Group dog walks are excellent for physical and mental health and are lovely in correcting some behavioral problems. If your dog is in good health, this would be the walk he/she would choose.

Please note that our dog walks are pretty long and dogs with some physical restrictions might be better suited for our private dog walks. For more information about our private dog walker, call us now!

Private Walks

We also offer GPS-tracked private dog walks in New York, NY, with several options in terms of time and length.

When we provide your dog with a private walk in New York, NY, our staff will also be happy to follow any instructions you might have, such as trips to the vet, trips to the groomer, going to the park, etc. Our rates remain the same for multiple dog households (up to 3), reflecting the amount of time your dogs will be walking.

Puppy visits

Getting a new puppy can be a wonderful yet challenging experience. Our Puppy Service can help out through these trying times.

Even if you work reasonable hours, it's almost sure that your puppy will not be able to hold it until you return home –and that's where we can help! Our friendly, cheery staff will be happy to assist with crate training, clean any mess your puppy might have made, feed, and play with your puppy. Once your puppy is old enough to go outside, we can provide staff to take him/her out for short walks as many times as you like. Usually, at about 5 months of age, your pup will be ready to join our group dog walks, or you can continue to have him/her walked privately.


We offer cage-free boarding where your dog can stay privately or in the company of other furry friends. We can also provide staff to dog-sit in your home.

When your dog is staying with us, he/she will be relaxing and having fun in a home away from the home environment! We will ensure that your dog gets all the necessary love and attention he/she needs – including any particular dietary or medical demands. If it is more suitable for your dog to stay in his/her own environment, we can also provide a staff member to pet-sit in your home, including watering plants, feeding cats, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: Boarding and pet-sitting are for our dog-walking clients only.

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