Bonded & Insured

2 Hour 3-5 Mile GPS Tracked
Group Dog Walks in Manhattan



A: Since June of 1989.

A: Yes.

A: Yes. They have two hours to do all their business numerous times, and they do.

A: Yes, we offer cage-less boarding. Staff members are also available to stay in your home, upon request.

A: We always work in teams of people. When a dog is being picked up or dropped off, there is always at least one staff member with the other dogs. He will either continue to walk them or wait for the other handler to return.

A: Pack sizes vary from route to route and from day to day. We average one staff member per 3–7 dogs. Should the pack get beyond that number, we add on an additional handler.

A: 99% of the time, it works out great. Rarely a dog may not be suitable.

A: No. As a matter of fact these walks often help with training. Many owners have noticed improvement in their dog's behavior after walking with the group.

A: We start with a phone consultation before providing service. During this consultation, your dog's health (both physical and mental) will be discussed. As we offer a free week to try us, we will all have plenty of time to assess whether or not our walks are working to the benefit of all.

A: Your dog will walk between 3–5 miles (depending on the route and weather conditions).

A: Of course. All staff members carry water bowls, a hose and a water key in their backpacks. The water key opens up the building spigots and the hose is used to cool them off by spraying them down.

A: Normally, yes. We recommend getting your dog a waterproof lined coat for these types of weather conditions. .Most dogs do fine as long as they have their coats on. If we see that a dog is truly having a hard time, we will take the dog home sooner. Recommendations for Winter and Summer Gear.

A: Yes. We will happily provide references.

A: The answer to this question varies from dog to dog. Many elderly dogs can easily do this walk.

A: Generally, at about 5 months of age. We would advise you to consult with your veterinarian and/or breeder and give them the following information: Your dog will be out for two hours walking between 3–5 miles, primarily on concrete.

A: Yes. We can provide staff to help out in the crate-training stage and also to do shorter walks.

A: Yes, in routes that are close to Central Park, Riverside Park and Carl Shurtz Park; though the predominant amount of walking time is still on the street.

A: No. We like them to have a good time though we might have to curtail it if it gets too wild

A: We would separate them into different groups as we always work in teams of people. If there is an intense dislike, we might even put them in different routes, though this rarely ever happens.

A: Very, very rarely does this happen. Company policy is to pay any medical expenses in this case, regardless of the circumstances.

A: No. In doorman buildings you can either leave keys with the concierge or doorman; have our staff keep possession of them; or a combination of both possibilities. For those who do not live in a doorman buildings, the options are to either always be home or to entrust us with an extra set of keys. Remember, we are bonded and we have never had any problems regarding this matter.

A: Many smaller dogs do very well in the pack, however we do have specific routes for the smaller dogs only.