Bonded & Insured

2 Hour 3-5 Mile GPS Tracked
Group Dog Walks in Manhattan


Professional Private Dog Walker in Manhattan

We are all aware that a dog owner's primary concerns are the safety and happiness of their dog, and our professional private dog walker in Manhattan would alleviate those concerns.

The K-9 Club NYC is a Manhattan NYC dog walking service that offers Manhattan dog owners 2-hour GPS Tracked group walks, solo walks, puppy visits, dog-sitting & cage-free boarding for their canine pals.

We began Walking Dogs in Manhattan in June of 1989, so we have 30+ years of experience caring for thousands of our wonderful 4-legged Dog Friends in NYC and helping out with their owners' dog-walking needs.

Our 2-hour group dog walks are great for exercise and socialization and help solve behavioral problems.
The dogs walk between 3–5 miles, and we work in teams, so the dogs are never left unattended.

We are both bonded and insured.

Our staff is reliable, caring, current, and ex-dog owners who will treat your dog as they would their own. For inquiries contact us now!

*Our cage-free boarding is for our dog-walking clients only.